Ready for something different? Here at Smokehouse Seven we take pride in being a hand-crafted, small-batch, artisan company. We focus on quality, flavor and value. So what does that really mean? We start by working with multiple vendors to obtain the highest quality ingredients, like the amazing onion and garlic we get directly from California. We source most of our spices in whole form so we can grind them right before they are added to a mix. It means we hand-craft our our own brown sugars using either unrefined or pure cane sugars. We use pure, kosher certified sea salts from the pacific ocean. Any smoked ingredients, are smoked in-house to ensure quality and amazing flavors. Most importantly, it means that you will NOT find any fillers, artificial ingredients, artificial flavors, anti-caking agents, preservatives and most importantly, NO MSG in any of our products.

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